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January 22, 2018; Becca Keating

Tea Party Sentinels of Laguna Woods are honored to have Becca Keating as our guest speaker this month, on Monday, January 22, 2018. Becca Keating is a powerful, contemporary voice on the frontline of politics, media and religion. Having lived under Islamic rule in Saudi Arabia, she shares her story of having very little freedom as a woman under Sharia law. She contrasts the freedoms at risk in America and boldly enco
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August 5, 2015

http://prageruniversity.com/Political-Science/The-Iran-Nuclear-Deal.html#.Vb_HW62YWMU Just days after President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry announced the nuclear deal with Iran, Dennis Prager was in studio recording a video explaining why the deal is so dangerous, and how it parallels what happened in 1938 between Great Britain and Nazi Germany. Please take five minutes to watch the video. Forward it to y
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August 3, 2015

The secrets of “White Privilege” Posted by John Wiant on August 1, 2015 at 3:25pm in Tea Party Nation Forum View Discussions Bill O’Rielly did a very intense summary of economic redistribution, and how false the narrative of the LEFT is – concerning success.  I was so impressed with that “talking points” summary of his, I decided to add my own thoughts. The “secret” of white privilege or perhaps jus
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August 2015 bill Whittle

If you do or don’t like guns, watch this! Another Bill Whittle virtual presidency commentary. It is excellent . Should be required viewing by both sides of the issue of control/legislation. Here is a man who knows the constitution. Watch the faces on some of the audience… https://youtube.com/watch?v=_T-F_zfoDqI%3Frel%3D0
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America We Stand

My grandfather  probably had friends who died in WW I… My father and I watched as our friends and relatives died in WW II and Korea…. I watched and waited as my relatives  and friends fought and died in Vietnam…. I watched as my friends and relatives fought and died in Desert Storm… I watched and waited while my relatives and friends fought in Iraq… None of them fought for or died for th
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In light of the Supreme Court’s egregious rulings on ObamaCare and same-sex “marriage,” Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told Newsmax TV that the Justices have sold their souls! “As a former judge and chief justice, I am extremely embarrassed for them. And unfortunately, when you’ve sold your soul, it’s kind of tough to even realize you should be embarrassed, but they should.
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