June 1, 2017 Tea Party comments on Convention of States

The Tea Party Sentinels meeting of May 22, 2017 was a sounding success because of the Speakers’ subject of “ Convention of States” (COS). Chapter V of the U S Constitution has authorized this Convention procedure.

The presenters of COS at our Tea party meeting were Mr. Fred Yerrick, currently the District Captain for all of San Diego, and Lou Oberman also a leader in San Diego. Both these men gave an outstanding explanation of the benefits of COS and answered many questions at this meeting; also Jerry Volomino provided an emotional plea to garner the support of the members present. 2/3 of the State legislators must call for the COS and ¾ are required to make the modifications official to amend the Constitution.

There are two exact methods to modify the Constitution: 1) if called by the 2/3 of the Congress or 2) called by the State’s legislators in 2/3 of the States. The Convention of States, known as COS, is based on three conditions; Term limits for all Federal office holders, limiting the power of the Congress by allowing the States to determine their rights according to the Constitution, and requiring the Congress to set an annual Federal Budget and hold to it. Any Amendments made at this Convention must be related to the three proposals that were stipulated to consider the COS; if not, these proposals will be deemed out of order.

It is obvious that the Federal Congress and Senate will object to these objectives, while currently the President already has Term Limits. This Country is already in debt for over $20 trillion dollars with other trillions is other committed debts created by Congress approving of using the Social Security monies that we the people were promised. Political financing by Lobbyists, Unions and large Corporations has created a system of unstoppable expenditures that has driven this Country to unachievable policies to properly maintain sound economic policies.

This Country is heading off an economic cliff that will doom this Country’s future. We are burdening future generations of Americans that must pay down this debt, and many of the unborn children will be forced to pay back these debts for many years in the future unless we the people can join together to pass the Convention of States.

Although controversial by some, the time has come for COS where we the people must stand for this Country’s future. Politicians cannot do it, the unions and large Corporations cannot do it, but we the people of this Country CAN do it.

References for more information regarding the COS procedure are upcoming in future emails.

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