March 27, 2016 Open forum for the Tea Party meeting

March 27, 2017

Tea Party Sentinels Laguna Woods announces a special Town Hall meeting on March 27, 2017, at Club House 7 at Gate 16, located at 24111 Moulton Pkwy. Doors open at 6:30 and meeting starts at 7:00.

The Donald Trump Administration is facing a multitude of threats from the democrats and from RINOs by the likes of McCain and his sidekick, Lindsey Graham. The Soros’ Organizations and Obama’s former Administration lemmings are funding these threats. The people who are looking forward to Trump’s “Draining the Swamp” must counter these threats, NOW.

The purpose of this meeting is to gather comments from Tea Party enthusiasts who are anxious to stand behind Trump’s concerns and protect his back. We will list the RINOs that need to be exposed and list all the phony “Conservative” Organizations that are against Trump’s plans to make the USA Great Again. Obviously the dems and progressives are attempting to discredit and impeach President Trump.

We will have a White Board to memorialize our comments so that the Community can partake in a write-in campaign to offset the negative comments and fake news being generated by the liberal press. If your voice is being ignored here is your chance to express your views. We will have time to allow each person to make some comments.

Of course we will have our normal treats with coffee and tea.

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