July 25, 2016

The Tea Party Sentinels of Laguna Woods are honored to have our special speaker this month, STAR PARKER, on July 25, 2016, at Club House 7 at Gate 16, located at 24111 Moulton Pkwy. Doors open at 6:30pm and meeting starts at 7:00pm.

Star Parker is President and Founder of CURE, Center for Urban Renewal & Education since 1995. Star is a Social Policy Consultant and an expert on anti-poverty issues where she brings new energy to policy decisions on how to transition America’s poor from Government dependency to independence. She consults with Republican Legislators on numerous issues concerning minority population issues and concerns.

Star is a sought after speaker in Washington DC, National radio, TV, Radio and print media. She has lectured at more than 180 Colleges and Universities and is on several 546writes a nationally syndicated column that reaches 7 million readers weekly.

She had 7 years of first-hand experience in the grip of welfare dependency and she thought this was the end. After becoming a Christian, her life changed. She completed Woodbury College majoring in Marketing and Business. She is now a solid Conservative Crusader and has been on ABC 20/20, Rush Limbaugh, James Dobson, 700 Club, NewsMax and World Magazine. Every person that hears Star speak are totally impressed with her forward thinking. Please bring your friends and family to this special event! Star Parker is straight out of Washington DC. You must see and hear Star Parker talk about current and timely issues!          Of course we will have our Tea, Coffee and treats for everyone.  Dick Palmer              949 683 5747

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