August 3, 2015

Bill O’Rielly did a very intense summary of economic redistribution, and how false the narrative of the LEFT is – concerning success.  I was so impressed with that “talking points” summary of his, I decided to add my own thoughts.

The “secret” of white privilege or perhaps just the privilege of the “Rich” in America is fairly easy to learn.  It is condensed in a very CHEAP looking paperback you can buy for very little money.  The book has been around for decades and I memorized all the concepts in it 40 year ago.

The buddy of mine (15 at the time) has since become a multi-millionaire, and I have in fact achieved nearly everything I wanted to, after reading that book.

The book is: Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

IN summary, the book outlines the concepts related to make a plan and WORK your plan.

It talks about reviewing your goals every day for twenty minutes.  It mentions removal of all doubts.  It discusses ways to anticipate obstacles and how to get help from those who have already achieved their and perhaps your goal(s).  The book further outlines ways to see, feel and believe yourself already in possession of your goal.

You can say the book will teach you how to brain wash yourself, and that may be true.  Consider the alternatives.

You can say that it’s just more “positive thinking” and I would say, but……of COURSE it is!

You can say that only truly talented people can apply such principles and they didn’t GET to be truly talented without already being privileged.  But…….that doesn’t explain me OR my buddy.

You can say I didn’t achieve that much and so there is no reason for you to listen to me.  I would say two things:  I achieved almost everything I wanted to and that is substantial for who I was before.  I would also say, my buddy would impress nearly anyone I’ve ever met.

So, why don’t we share this “secret stuff” with the world, why not tell anyone / including under privileged people of all colors, and why not print it in black and white on the Internet for anyone who wants to discover the American dream to pursue?  I would say, I just DID.

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